About the Award – what it is and the judging processes

The TA Award is a new award managed by TAFEP on behalf of tripartite partners.

The new TA Award now comes with 4 categories, namely, Fair and Progressive Employment Practices, Work-Life Excellence, Age Inclusive Practices and Responsible Best Sourcing.

The Award also recognises individual champions in two Special Mention categories. The Leadership Award recognises senior management (Directors and above) who have made exceptional contributions in the respective award category areas, and their deep commitment and outstanding leadership to create an inclusive workplace. The Workplace Advocate Award recognises middle management and supervisors who have been effective contributors and change agents in the respective award category areas, and have successfully operationalised and enabled their organisation’s strategies, plans and initiatives in this area.

The Award presents an invaluable opportunity for employers to be recognised as one of the best organisations to work for in Singapore.

The judges comprise industry experts and tripartite representatives from the government, unions and employer associations and TAFEP.

The TA Award is open to all Singapore-based organisations. Award applicants must have signed the TAFEP Employers’ Pledge of Fair Employment Practices as well as the Tripartite Standards that have been launched so far.

Companies should check the pre-requisites of each category when choosing to participate in that category.

Please click here to find out more.

The Tripartite Standards define verifiable and actionable practices that employers are committed to and implement at workplaces.

The adoption of Tripartite Standards allows employers to differentiate themselves in specific key employment and workplace practices that the workforce would look for, thereby enhancing the employers’ manpower attraction and retention.

To be recognised as a progressive employer in a particular area, you should have adopted the standards. Signing the Tripartite Standards signifies a mark of excellence in that area.

Employers have to sign the Tripartite Standards by the deadline for submission (6 April 2018) in order to be considered for the award.

There is no limit to the number of winners as the number of awards given out will depend on the number and quality of submissions.

Yes, organisations may participate in more than one category.

Organisations have to complete a submission form for each category they are participating in.

Should organisations subsequently be shortlisted for Phase II, they would need to undergo a site visit for each respective award category for which they have been shortlisted.

The WLEA is now part of the TA Award. If companies wish to be recognised for work-life excellence, they are encouraged to participate in the Tripartite Alliance Award (Work-Life Excellence).
First, you will need to be nominated by an employee or the union. In the case of Responsible Best Sourcing, you may be nominated by a service provider, outsourced worker or augmented workforce working with you.
Benefits of participating in the Award

Recipients of the TA Award are recognised as employers of choice with fair, responsible and progressive practices.

The winners will be:

  • Presented with an Award trophy;
  • Enjoy extensive media coverage and offered the opportunity to be featured in publications and newsletters;
  • Invited to network with thought leaders and business leaders to share their exemplary practices;
  • Allowed to use the award logo for the next four (4) years for recruitment and publicity purposes, on the condition that they abide by the Logo Usage Guidelines.
  • Presented with a customised feedback report.
Assessment Process and Timeline

Nominations for the TA Award open in February 2018 and close on Friday, 16 March 2018. Nominated employers will be notified by TAFEP and are required to complete the Award Submission Form as well as to provide the necessary documents to support their submissions.

Submissions close on Friday, 6 April 2018. Incomplete submissions and submissions received after Friday, 6 April 2018 will be disqualified.

The completed submission form and relevant supporting documents must be sent to TAFEP by either:

  • Post to:
    TA Award 2018
    Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices
    80 Jurong East St 21, #02-05,
    Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability
    Singapore 609607
  • or

  • Email to:

The assessment process comprises two phases. In Phase I, the judges will conduct a paper assessment to shortlist employers who will proceed on to the Phase II site-visits. Subsequently, the judging panel will decide on the list of winners that will be unveiled at the Awards Ceremony in November 2018.

No, there are no fees involved in the participation of the TA Award.

Yes, winners of the two awards can be nominated and are encouraged to participate, so as to continue to reap the benefits and recognition of being exemplary employers with progressive employment practices in those areas.

There are four categories under the TA Award. In every category, we are looking to understand the management strategy and how the leadership is committed to this strategy. We are also looking at the extent and consistency in the end-to-end implementation of the strategy, how this strategy has helped your organisation and workforce to make progress as employees and individuals.

Companies should demonstrate how they value their workforce and also facilitate the progress of their workforce through their practices in different areas namely:

  • Business case for implementing the strategies and practices of respective award categories
  • Management commitment demonstrated toward enabling the success of implementation
  • Range and extent of the various policies, process and systems to facilitate consistent implementation and sustainability
  • Effectiveness of the strategies and programmes
  • Commitment to continuous improvement

The specific criteria for each award category will vary. To know more about the different TA Award categories, please click here.

You should include relevant examples and practices that reflect the current policies, programmes and practices in the organisation. These should include efforts over the past two years as well as on-going initiatives and programmes. Information about your future plans and enhancements for the next year may also be included in your submission.

If additional documents are required, you will be given up to five working days to provide them. However, you are advised to prepare your supporting documents ahead of time to facilitate the assessment process.

This information will help the judging panel to better understand the value that your organisation places on continuously improving the working environment for your workforce, and provide useful information on the effort and outcomes of the various employment/people-related awards and initiatives that your organisation has embarked on.

We have taken into account the last 4 years as we understand that some awards and initiatives take time to implement and achieve. However, if your organisation has won an award consecutively over 4 years, please only indicate the most recent year of award.

In the new TA Award, we also want to recognise individuals for their contributions in each specific award category. However, this is optional and only if the company has a suitable candidate for the award. Not having a nominee will not impact the company’s standing in the category.

The Leadership Award recognises senior management (Directors and above) who have made exceptional contributions in the respective award areas, and their deep commitment and outstanding leadership to create an inclusive workplace.

The nominee will be judged on the following:

  • Exemplary leadership in the respective award areas
  • Commitment and contribution to the positive impact within and/or outside of the organisation

The Workplace Advocate Award recognises middle management and supervisors who have been effective contributors and change agents in the respective award areas, and have successfully operationalised and enabled their organisation’s strategies, plans and initiatives in this area.

The nominee will be judged on the following:

  • Successful transformation and enablement of the implementation of the organisation’s employment practices in the respective award areas
  • Positive impact within and/or outside of the organisation

Individuals will be assessed and shortlisted separately. The company must first be shortlisted for Phase II for the individual to be eligible for the individual award.

Site Visits

Only organisations that have been shortlisted to proceed to Phase II will be required to host a site visit for each category shortlisted for. Site visits will be conducted by experienced consultants commissioned by TAFEP.

Site visits will be conducted from May 2018 to July 2018. The Award organisers will contact the shortlisted organisations to schedule the site visits on a mutually convenient date and time, as far as possible.

All shortlisted organisations who wish to proceed with the award are required to adhere to the timeline and meet the requirements of the site visit.

Each site visit is expected to take between 2 – 3 hours for one category of award, depending on the size of the organisation.

The site visit comprises an employee opinion survey, interviews with senior management, HR and where applicable, shortlisted nominees for the Leadership and Workplace Advocates Awards, as well as employee focus groups. This should be done within the same site visit on the same day.

  1. Employee Opinion Survey (EOS)
  2. The number of employees involved in the survey will depend on your total staff strength and mode of survey administration, as follows:

    Organisations are strongly encouraged to use the online survey to minimise logistics issues and to facilitate response time and analysis.

    Should the shortlisted organisation opt for the hard-copy administration of the survey, the organisation will need to provide a list of all your employees, including names, designations, departments and basic demographic information for selection. The information provided will be kept confidential.

    The site visit will be conducted at only one work location/office. You will be informed of the selected employees in advance to facilitate the process of ensuring that they can participate in the surveys. If an employee fails to turn up on the actual day, you are required to look for a replacement with a similar demographic profile to complete the survey during the site visit.

  3. Employee Focus Groups
  4. Random employees will be selected from the EOS list to participate in a short focus group. Depending on the staff strength, between 3-10 employees will be selected.

  5. HR Interview
  6. The Human Resource (HR) leader will be interviewed as part of the visit to provide further information on statements made. They will need to conduct a presentation and undergo a document audit to verify quantitative and/or qualitative data provided in the submission form.

  7. Senior Management Interview
  8. The senior management representative should be in a leadership role, e.g. Director and above, preferably in a non-HR role. This representative will be interviewed together with the Human Resource (HR) leader as part of the visit. The shortlisted nominee for the Leadership Award should be present at this interview, if applicable.


Please email award@tafep.sg if you have further questions about the Award.

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